Say it again, Sam

Smart (or dumb) sayings get stuck in our head... is that the accumulation of wisdom? Sometimes we even come up with them ourselves. Keeping the good stuff and removing the fluff is how we build up our own Weltanschauung. Here are some of the things that have made it through my filter.

They are “arranged” in a sort of merge of two orders: the order in which I read them, and the order in which they were published. In addition, I have factored out a few recurring themes. But themes are so cross-cutting that even hypertext can’t really get them all sorted and factored. Progress continues.

Explaining a Great Truth

I used to be dubious of this idea, but here are two examples:

And another example pair:

Nobody Could Have Seen It Coming

It’s ignorance (or mendacity) to say “nobody did.” True hubris to say “nobody could have.”

A More Prescient Pair

More Examples of “I saw it comin’”

Forgetting the Past


Confidence and Doubt

new! Freedom

new! The Human Condition

On Writing

A. Solzhenitsyn

And these are just from one work...

new! Ayn Rand

new!Winning & Losing

new!The Gender “Battle”

The General Collection

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