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The Golden Ratio Pages


Web pages that exploit JavaScript to do animated explanations about the golden ratio.


Some of the features of these pages (notably “canvas”) are new in HTML 5. Your browser must be up-to-date.

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Brief Explanation

These web pages illustrate graphically some of the interesting ideas connected with the famous golden ratio. The basic idea is that they follow a plan, and you go through them from first to last, using the links at the top or bottom of the pages. This is a good idea if you haven’t seen them before.

But you can also visit them in arbitrary order. In the section below, there are links for each page, so you can jump to them directly.

Navigate yourself


Although this set of pages comprises a linear narrative, at each page we could turn off toward a multitude of related topics. Perhaps this set of Web pages will eventually more resemble a tree than a line! Of course, eventually the large-scale connectivity would be web-like. This is just a start a getting the simple things illustrated. Each page is self-contained, and no code is hidden or obfuscated, so inquiring minds can inspect the programming and learn further. One thing such minds will learn is that my CSS skills are rudimentary! The page layouts are more ad-hoc, versus the better-factored JavaScript code. Advice is welcome.

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