Web Simulation of the ZB-6

A virtual ZB-6 whose configuration you can change with just a click.

Try It Yourself

Here is a WebBoard that simulates how a Z-Board works. You can choose from a variety of tunings. (More about that below.) When you click a key, you will get a little popup window that tells you what note would play. The symbol ‘©’ marks the note middle C.

If your browser is advanced enough (currently, this means Apple Safari or Google Chrome), and you check the “Play sounds” button, you will hear actual notes.


Each horizontal row of keys gives you the notes from a single string of a conventional stringed instrument. The musical interval between each row (“string”) can be a perfect fourth (like a bass), a perfect fifth (like a violin, viola, cello, or mandolin), or the pattern can follow that of a guitar.

zb6 violin